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art on Zoom A family of Geese in water colour and mixed media.

Updated: May 4, 2022

With the aid of my carefully written downloadable lesson plans my Zoom students have created these fabulous water colour and mixed media paintings.

I get great pleasure in seeing the results of everyone’s work. The individual character and style of the student bringing me fresh views on every subject.


The mixed media consists of using an ink pen containing Quink black ink and a box of 24 coloured Crayola wax crayons. (All very affordable and available in high street stationers)

After the initial drawing students use the ink pen to add loose sketchy lines following the pencil image.

The fun starts when we use the coloured Crayola crayons, these are applied in a variety of ways ranging from light pressure just catching the top surface of the water colour paper to very heavy pressure to make a dramatic statement where the colour will appear very bold.

The use of intense Ultramarine blue water colour paint creates a strong contrast as it is repelled by the wax to show the colour of wax used.


The inspiration for the subject is based on a wildlife pond behind our house. There is a regular population of various birds that continue to enchant me along with the colours and textures in the water.

Making use of the natural qualities of the ink separating and spreading alongside with the coloured crayons often leads you to see a subject that will be depicted well in this style.

Using traditional methods of water colour painting over the work presents a complex looking painting with lots of life, texture, variation and an air of uncontrolled wildness.

The Results

Every week these paintings just get better and better. I have loved seeing how my students skill set has developed with the textures and movement in the water.

With there being some time in the class waiting for paint to dry I am showing you these individual studies that I demonstrate. this is from a wing of a Canada goose, no ink pen is used for this one just coloured crayons and water colour. Playing with colour and texture in this way is so enlightening.

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