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Paint these seals in Waves

Here are the lively interesting paintings from the latest Master Class

This was a simple quick exercise where I had the seal heads printed on some thin water colour paper so no time was spent drawing and we went straight in with a selection of wax crayons the grey, white, green and several blues from a standard 24 packet of Crayola crayons.

As you can see some seas were rough some calm all due to the mark making in wax.

We then applied very strong fluid mixes of watercolour paint and allowed the wax to resist and create the movement of the sea.

Prior to this we used the white crayon on the seals heads so that they would show through the watercolour wash.

Students then went on to experiment with their own ideas in this technique.

This is a set piece that I include on week 3 of my 5 week courses that every one can do but you are under no pressure to join in as you can see a lovely finished garden painting by Maggie who wanted to finish what she had started previously.

Comments during class were:-

“ it was lovely to play and experiment with no pressure”

“To be able to splash about and let the materials perform”

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