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Painting Poppy Seedheads in Mixed Media.

A super day spent with Brownsover Art group.

A step by step work shop where students learnt my technique of working with ink, wax and water colour.

Work started with observational drawing of the seed heads that I provided for the students from my garden.

We looked at understanding the proportions and angles needed for our first drawing. This underpins the image and allows an organic freedom in applying the rest of the materials, for example the wax resisting the ink and paint and the ink producing its own character. Important aspects of mixing the water colours and testing before application and needing to have enough paint mixed were also discussed.

Hard at work.

Wonderful results.

Thankyou to Brownsover art group for inviting me I love these workshops!

Thank you Sue for a lovely testimonial.

"The lovely Claire Botterill came to our art group to do a workshop yesterday.  Our artists use a wide variety of techniques and skill but even our most accomplished to the least capable were equally engaged and involved following Claire’s calm, expert tutelage.  Everyone learned something new and many of my members came to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed it, as did I.  They left feeling confident to play with the techniques at home which I regard as a really good result.  Thank you Claire.

Sue Dean, Chair, Brownsover Art Group"

And another lovely message.

"Hi Claire, 

I just wish you could see our Whatsapp group. The folks are waxing lyrical about your visit. In just one example, one of our less confident ladies said your "relaxed approach helped release the artist within", and she said hers needed coaxing.  People have immediately bought pens and crayons,  you have triggered creativity. How lovely!😊

We will definitely be asking you back, you were a definite hit! 👏👏

Very best wishes,


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