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From on an original art image created by Claire Botterill in her Unique style of Painting using water colour, wax and ink which results in her beautifully textured paintings.


View the close-up image to appreciate the various textures and mark making in this work.


Approximate Size 12 x 12 cms metric, 5 x 5 inch imperial.


This card has no message, a miniature image with details on the back and a tasteful textured envelope.


Post and packing free in U.K. please enquire about your destination outside the U.K. for postage costs.

Allium Seedhead

  • “The sculptural structure of the Allium is an image that I keep returning to in its dried state, in bud and full bloom I keep growing these beautiful garden flowers in different varieties every year. 

    One year I was at the Garden show at the N.E.C. Birmingham and bought three Alliums called Pinball Wizard for my husband Arthur who is loyal Who fan, they were very good blooms I recommend them”.

    Claire is renowned for her seed head paintings from the English countryside and gardens in exhibitions and galleries.

    These are executed in her unique mixed media style of working in ink, wax and water colour.

    A characteristic of this technique is the subtle bluish and yellowish golden hues emanating from the release of the Quink ink in her illustration.

    The texture of the coloured wax erupting from the water colour and ink contrasts perfectly with the white background of the pure water colour paper.

    This is a very popular subject for Claire’s workshops and talks 

    Art Societies are regularly requesting her workshops on this subject that is very close to her heart.

     She travels around the country with a box full of seed heads carefully grown in her garden and a specific selection of her materials and tools for the student to use.

    She likes to provide all this so that the student can achieve their own original art image based on these floral subjects.

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