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From on an original art image created by Claire Botterill in her Unique style of Painting using water colour, wax and ink which results in her beautifully textured paintings.


View the close-up image to appreciate the various textures and mark making in this work.


Approximate Size 11 x 15 cms metric, 4 x 6-inch imperial.


This card has no message, a miniature image with details on the back and a tasteful textured envelope.


Post and packing free in U.K. please enquire about your destination outside the U.K. for postage costs.


Curious Cow Greetings card.

  • This image is part of the Farmyard Favourites Collection painted by Claire Botterill they are based on animals from a farmyard scene.

    "I love cows and this particular Friesian cow was very curious.

    Growing up in the countryside gave me an interest in farm animals. I was enchanted by the beauty of the cows eyes with those fabulous eye lashes. Since those days I have always wanted to paint of a cows".

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