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From on an original art image created by Claire Botterill in her Unique style of Painting using water colour, wax and ink which results in her beautifully textured paintings.


View the close-up image to appreciate the various textures and mark making in this work.


Approximate Size 11 x 15 cms metric, 4 x 6-inch imperial.


This card has no message, a miniature image with details on the back and a tasteful textured envelope.


Post and packing free in U.K. please enquire about your destination outside the U.K. for postage costs.




Snowdrops from The Wild White Flower Collection

  • The Snowdrop such a tough little flower giving us hope and delight during the coldest darkest season of the year.
     The image you will have here is a new illustration from photographs that I had taken in my friend’s garden.
    She had a collection of over 25 species and used to open her garden for the NGS open gardens scheme every winter.
    Her garden was like a natural landscape filled with wild flowers at first view but it was consciously filled with all the plants and trees she loved.
    Method of Painting
    As Snow dops are very small you have to consider how you are going to portray them at their best.
    I decided to do a close up of the flower heads and then a view down a country lane behind them.
     Using the white wax to create the blooms worked well when I applied the dark contrast of the foreboding sky behind. The method of painting that I have developed is such a joy when you use the coloured wax on the texture of water colour paper, this then gets more organic when the water and water colour is applied to the image it takes on a life of its own. At this point you just have to be patient and see what happens, its full of emotional ups and downs.

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