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April Newsletter

Good News we are back in action learning in the studio

It seems every one is getting enthusiastic as my Monday 2-4 class is full already and the Tuesday 7-9 class is going that way. But I am still limiting numbers for safety at the moment.

I will be back teaching at the Ten 2 Hinckley Tuesday 10-12 and

Friday 10-12 watercolours.

To book contact Rose on

The Zoom classes have gone very well and there is capacity for larger numbers of students so if you cannot make the other classes I will be there Tuesday 2-4 and Thursday 7-9.

The next subject is:-

Doorways the Entrance to our Homes, Hearts and Lives

I have also released this subject as a tuition video and E-Book on my Etsy Shop details are below.

Read what some of my Zoom students say about the Zoom classes!

Dear Claire

Thank you for an enjoyable course. Learnt so much about colour mixing. Hope to see you for the next course

Stay safe

Ann C.

Hi Claire

Thank you for tonight and previous weeks - they have been so helpful and informative

More importantly the units have got me painting again after such a long spell.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your Easter break.


Ron Mottram

Ron Mottram runs his own art club in Penn which is very well attended (non Covid times) I have ran several work shops for this group and we have so much fun. So if you live that way on its worth joining!

New in my Etsy shop

Doorways the Entrance to our Homes, Hearts and Lives

Enjoy learning how to paint in Claire’s unique style of using ink, wax and watercolour.

With this Video tuition and E-Book.

You will receive: -

  • A full step by step paced guide. (you will be guided by the video and you can refer to the E-book whilst learning at entirely your own pace.)

  • A PDF of tools and materials you will need.

  • A PDF of my personal photographs for you to work from.

  • On this course I will be showing you how to: -

  1. Paint in my unique style of painting using wax, Ink and water colours.

  2. Enjoy practicing my set exercises to develop a fluent way of working and gain confidence before you start your doorway painting.

  3. Once you have completed your doorway picture, my first treat for you is where I show you how to paint a coloured stained-glass window so you can then go ahead and design some for yourself.

  4. My second treat is where I will be teaching you how to add some iron work door furniture. My demonstration is a decorative door hinge, but you can also add other details such as ornamental letter boxes and door handles to your own design.

  5. After your first painting you may want to paint your own front door, paint someone’s door as a gift or choose one of my photographs.

Want to know what my students think?

Well they say a picture paints a thousand words!

Shown below is my student Adrienne who was so inspired by this technique that she created a triptych and has full filled two commissions on this since.

If you were considering a trio of doorways sitting together as project. There is a massive selection out there for you to choose from now you have the formula!

All this for Under £30 !

New Items for Sale in my Etsy shop to link in with the architectural theme. Signed Limited Edition "Giclee" prints on the Subject of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Take care and keep well.

You are welcome to contact me on:-


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