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art Class on Zoom!

Well here we are again in lockdown.

My regular classes have stopped and I thought I lets have a go at this Zoom.

The structure of the course planned was:-


Throughout the five-week course I shall be showing you how to practise these brush strokes to get a flowing image as in the Wisteria and distant misty landscape.

  1. 5th Jan. Week one we shall be practising petals and leaves

  2. 12th Jan. Week Two will be about trees and branches

  3. 19th Jan. Week three we will focus on mountainous landscapes

  4. 26th Jan. Week four the sky, mist and clouds will be our subject

  5. 2nd Feb. Week five we will be painting the Wisteria and distant misty landscape.

A list of tools and materials and downloads of these images for guidance.

We started on Tuesday 5th January at 2pm after a couple of friends and I had done about four practice runs.

Things were not too bad but I had a technical hiccup that I wasn’t experienced enough to correct!!!!!

This has been corrected now and I felt awful for every one so I turned the first class into a free trial and the next class also which is due on 9th January.

I would like to say all my students were so understanding and supportive and I owe them a massive thank you as I felt so out of control at letting my students down.

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