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Art on zoom for you to see

Above are snap shots of our Zoom groups a wonderful selection, and below is an example from last week.

Here are the subjects we are doing this week. The emphasis is on quick loose drawing of the Allium seed head then adding a powerful red background with salt. The second subject, Cow Parsley is also drawn in very quickly and loose and we are adding a back ground of yellow and two greens, this will then have cling film applied to create an effect of a grassy background.

All brilliant fun after my students have worked so hard for the past four weeks. I am very proud of their achievements, thank you.

Here are the subjects we are doing next on Zoom which starts Tue 6th July 2-4 pm and Thursday 8th July 7-9pm.


Week 1 Highland Hideaway

Week 2 Bristol Suspension Bridge

Week 3 Suffolk Windmill

Week 4 The Shard

Week 5 Timbered Terrace in Warwick

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