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Latest Painting Commission

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

The Mayors Appeal

My inspiration for this commission was from my close links to the town of Nuneaton.

I wanted to represent our multi-cultural society in rainbow colours around the painting.

Depicting a very positive feel from the sky that give you the feeling “wow this is going to be a good day”

The authority of the Council house standing against this sky is almost parental to me.

The pleasure that our beautiful Riversley park, art gallery and museum brings to our townsfolk and visitors is so valuable to our wellbeing.

Showing pride in having a worldwide literary figure George Eliot where we have a bronze sculpture of her in the town centre produced by John Letts another local artist.

Our Dandelion fountain receives so much admiration from visitors to our town

I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to create this painting.

Thank you

Claire M Botterill

This is how it was received

The e-mail from Mandy Troman.

It all went really well.

The print raised a very good sum for the Charity at auction (I need to check exactly how much). Lots of people commented on how much they liked the print and your unique style and it was a very popular lot on the night.

We handed the original over to the Borough Collection on the night of the Annual Council, 18th May, in the presence of the new Mayor (Cllr Jeff Clarke), Councillors, Aldermen, Freemen of the Borough and other invited guests. It was very well received and admired.

It will initially be displayed in the Mayor's Parlour and the form part of the Borough Collection to be displayed in the Museum and other Civic buildings.

Once it is in place in the Parlour, I will ask the Mayor to extend an invitation to you to view it.

Please go ahead and use this in your news letters.

Thank you so much for your help with this. I am so pleased with the final result as it has achieved everything I hoped it would.

Kind regards


I have had such a lovely response to this on my Face book page and here is an example of my well wishers comments.

Trish has written:-

Hi Claire, I just had to congratulate you on the Mayors commission.

What a wonderful painting you have done representing Nuneaton.

Very well done. I’m so proud to think such a famous artist is my teacher, and I Hope friend.xx

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