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Zoom Art Classes. new Course being Launched on 21st January Chinese Style Brush Strokes.

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Through out the five-week course I shall be showing you how to practise these Chinese style brush strokes in water colour to get a flowing image as in the Wisteria and distant misty landscape.

The blossom image shown here is one of the practise pieces you will be learning.

21st Jan. We shall be practising petals and leaves

28th Jan. Will be about trees and branches

4th Feb. We will focus on mountainous landscapes

11th Feb. The sky, mist and clouds will be our subject

18th Feb. We will be painting the Wisteria and distant misty landscape.

Through out each session I will be explaining about the colour mixing and various details.

To join a class and for more information Contact Claire on the contact page or e-mail

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